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EzyFreight™ transforms the traditional physical document-intensive cargo environment to one that will imminently be paper-free. In addition to promoting electronic commercial invoices and packing lists, this intelligent platform allows all electronic MAWB and HAWB data, and House and Flight Manifest data to be validated effortlessly. It is evident that the tool will bring logistics enterprises a step closer to the industry's next generation, make great savings on the operating costs of the industry and drastically improve the industry's electronic data quality and penetration.

This system model endorsed by IATA is highly reliable for consignors, forwarders, airlines and consignees to effectively and efficiently convert mandatory cargo documents from paper to electronic format. In line with the timeline of e-freight proposed by IATA, by 2010, EzyFreight™ will be ready to convert the currently-used 13 physical cargo documents to an electronic data format.

Features of EzyFreight™

Fully Compliant with e-freight Requirements
Employing leading-edge information technology, EzyFreight™, developed in line with Cargo 2000 standards and the IATA message improvement program (MIP), has been proven to significantly improve quality and penetration of airway bill and manifest data.

User Benefits
  • Secure peace-of-mind plug-and-play solution
  • Save remarkable costs and time in developing systems and keeping systems up-to-date
  • Make shipment information quality more accurate, efficient and transparent
  • Meet existing and forthcoming industry standards without difficulty
Expedite Operational Efficiency
EDI implementation in the air cargo industry alters the industry's conventional methods of shipment handling processes. Incorporating sophisticated data validation rules, EzyFreight™ is able to minimize errors during data being created originally on paper documents.

User Benefits
  • Create and submit master/house airway bill, manifest, and other required electronic data to airlines, forwarders, and/or customs authorities with just a click of the mouse
  • Receive automatic alerts for any discrepancies in the creation of airway bill and manifest data
  • Readily improve quality of data input
  • Dramatically accelerate productivity
  • Significantly reduce shipments' time to market
For more information about EzyFreight™, please contact our BD representative on +852 2833 1880 or email: .

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